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Our price paid data will give you valuable insight into residential property sales in England and Wales*. It is available as open data from our website in a number of formats designed to support a variety of uses.

  • Current month data – download from website in txt, csv or by interrogating our linked data format.

  • 1 January 1995 to the most current month data – download from website in txt, csv or linked data format.

  • Price paid data reports: Access aggregated price paid data for a specific geographical area from as little as £20 with our standard report service. Alternatively you can use our price paid data report builder tool,  to create your own bespoke extract of our raw data free of charge.

    Why use this service?

    Whether you are a property website, application developer, data analyst, estate agent or entrepreneur, you can use this data to:

    • analyse trends and patterns in the housing market

    • create valuation software and price estimations

    • use insights to develop housing and social policy

    • innovate and grow your business.  

    Key features

    • Price paid information is based on residential properties sold for market value and includes:

      • the full address of the property – PAON, SAON, street, postcode, locality (if available), town, district, county

      • the price paid for the property

      • the date of transfer deed

      • the property type (detached, semi, terraced, flat/maisonette)

      • whether the property is new build

      • whether the property is freehold or leasehold.

    • New price paid related products are in development.

    Contact us

    Contact our Add Value Team for more information or to submit ideas about our data:

    *We exclude some data.

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        Mehefin 2014: 276.6

        (Ionawr 1995 = 100)

        Pris cyfartalog £172,011 Newid:
        Misol 0.0%
        Blynyddol 6.4%
        Mynegai nesaf: 9.30 y bore ar 29 Awst 2014

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