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Standard reports

Aggregated house price reports (broken down by property type) for specified geographical areas of England and Wales. The reports are based on the actual price paid for properties.

Used by

Local authorities, data analysts, developers, media and members of the public

How it works

  • Specify the geographical area (from regional to postcode sector level) that you are interested in, then choose any start date (since January 1995) and the period of time that you would like the report to cover (a year, quarter or month).

  • Send us your request by email or phone.

  • We generate your detailed report from the individual house price records of all residential property sales in England and Wales that have been lodged with us for registration*. View sample data.

  • We send you the report in Excel format by email.


  • Analyse trends and patterns in the housing market with our accurate, reliable and reputable house price information.

  • Use the report to help you analyse and model the viability of housing plans.

  • Use the report to carry out a market share analysis.

  • Helps you assess rateable values.


  • The data is available from 1 January 1995. It is updated with thousands of new sales every month. We have more than 15 million definitive records.

  • We offer reports showing aggregated data for any:
    - region
    - county
    - local authority district
    - postcode area – such as GL
    - postcode district – such as GL1
    - postcode sector – such as GL1 2.

  • We can provide separate reports for old and new properties and price bands.

  • We can provide other reports such as emergent data and repeat sales data.

  • Regular users can subscribe to receive cost benefits.

  • Please see our price paid service for a comprehensive breakdown of all residential property sales in England and Wales.


Prices start from just £20 a report. View a full list of report options and their prices. Please contact our Add Value Team free on 0800 678 1678 or email us at commercial.services@landregistry.gsi.gov.uk for further information. 

You can also use our price paid data report builder tool, to create your own bespoke extract of our raw data free of charge. Reports can be classified by location, tenure, price paid or property type over a specified period of time. 


Data in these reports is subject to Crown copyright protection. Where the material is being published or issued to others, the source and copyright status must be acknowledged. This information is licensed for your use only and may not be sold to third parties as part of a data set or otherwise unless a contract to do so has been obtained from the Add Value Team.

*We exclude some data.

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Mehefin 2014: 276.6

(Ionawr 1995 = 100)

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Blynyddol 6.4%
Mynegai nesaf: 9.30 y bore ar 29 Awst 2014

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